Who we are and how the story began

Today, Digital Dominance is one of Sweden’s leading digital marketing companies with hundreds of satisfied customers and representing some of Sweden's most well known international brands. Our story began when no one told us the magical words. 

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No one said the magical words

Digital Dominance (part of the Nortech Group) was founded in 2009 after we had tried and failed repeatedly to find a professional digital partner to help us excel in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Oh, we hired many different digital marketing companies in search of one that could help our businesses in the Nortech Group excel. Some of Sweden’s best, actually. And we were promised everything from more traffic to being in the top 10 on Google, but no one said the magical words - "we want to help you enhance your profitable sales." So in the end, we simply decided to build our own digital marketing company – and Digital Dominance was born.

A business concept with hundreds of satisfied customers

What started as an internal marketing company grew quicker than we had anticipated. Within a year, we could start completely new businesses based on the Digital Dominance concept and run them successfully solely on leads from the internet.

Today, over 90 % of our customers are external and our D-concept has proved to work in all kinds of industries. We currently have 9 employees and have delivered our services to hundreds of satisfied customers, including several listed companies and some of Sweden’s most well-known brands. We have also helped to build 4 so called Gasell-companies and one VA Super Company, prestigious awards given to the fastest growing companies in Sweden by Sweden’s most prominent financial papers.

What are our core values?

Profit: Increase profitable sales.
Impact: Always deliver measurable results.
Kaizen: Continuous improvement.
Transparency: We create our strategies with the customer and our results and analysis are always transparent.

Our business idea

We want everyone to be able to invest in digital marketing and immediately be able to see what the investment has resulted in. 

The foundation in our D-concept is that everything is measurable and transparent. That way we can show you exactly what it costs to get a new lead or customer. With this knowledge, we can continuously help you to get better results from your digital marketing and thereby increase its turnover and sales.

Our vision – The best digital marketing agency in Sweden

We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Sweden and deliver transparent, measurable results to our customers. As our customer, you will never feel that you have invested money in digital marketing without knowing what it has resulted in.

Digital Dominance – Founders and management

The brain behind the company is Rickard Asp - founder and CEO of Digital Dominance. Rickard is driven by the challenge to find smart, efficient solutions to business problems. With extensive experience in problem solving, not least after many years as a consultant at McKinsey, Rickard has developed Digital Dominance’s successful working model D-Concept.

Founder of both Digital Dominance and the Nortech Group is Alexander Tennström, with many years of experience in building successful companies.

Mikael Asp-Tjälldén is co-founder and Operations Manager at Digital Dominance. With his knowledge and expertise, Mikael has helped many of our customers to successful Internet ventures. Michael has extensive experience in digital media, web and IT from large companies such as IKEA, the OMX Nasdaq and MTG.

Vanja Merrild is our Regional Manager with responsibility for the Stockholm office. Vanja has extensive experience in digital marketing and comes straight from London where she was responsible for large corporate digital advertising.

Google Partner

Digital Dominance is a Google partner and Adwords certified.

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