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Welcome to Digital Dominance, one of Sweden’s leading digital marketing companies. With our unique D-Concept and some of Sweden’s best and most creative digital marketing experts, our business idea is to help you reach online domination. And with a track record of a whopping 98,6 % of our customers having increased their online profit, we dare say it works.

Over 3,3 billion online searches are made in the world – every single day. Internet marketing has quickly become the most effective way to get more customers and increase profits, but so many companies struggle with translating their business goals to successful online marketing strategies.  Enter Digital Dominance and the D-Concept.

The D-Concept: Our key to your digital success

The goal of our successful digital marketing concept, the D-Concept, is to find the perfect digital marketing strategy for each customer based on their business goals.

The D-Concept consists of eight boxes – a digital echo system, if you will. You will no doubt recognize most of them, if not all. With us, you won’t just get a SEO bureau or a social media expert – you get a whole team of Sweden’s best digital marketing experts to help you find the perfect digital marketing mix to increase your online profit.  


The goal: To increase your profit

Simply put, we know exactly what it takes to reach digital success. And our job is to help you transform your business strategy to a digital strategy - and get you to excel online. How? Well, in two basic steps:

1) Give you leads: Maximize the number of views, visitors, leads and customers.
2) Grow your profit: Find and maximize  your greatest sources of online profit.

Since we believe that digital marketing should be measurable and transparent, you will always know exactly what results you’re getting. One of the things our customers appreciate most about us, beside increased online profits, is having full insight in what we do.

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