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We believe in tailored solutions for every customer and our unique concept for digital marketing is built on continuous optimization. We know it works and our clients know it works – 98,6% of our clients has increased their profits online using it. Successful digital marketing is a continuous work where focus often changes over time. Even though we always try to work with long term strategies, we also know that we can get quick results just by doing the right things. Many of our customers has for instance increased their revenue on channels like Google Ads up to 3-5 times without increase ad spend.

However, something we do not believe in is subscription periods. We want our clients to continue working with us from month to month because we like each other and create a great value. We are very, very proud over that we rarely loose clients, and our average customer has chosen to work with us for 4 years or more.

But you do not need to take our word for it, below you can read about what our customers has to say about us and how we have helped them to grow!

Sevenfold growth

Odd Molly is by many know clothing brand, both in Sweden and internationally. They have had an enormous growth online the last couple of year and keeps growing.

We have had a cooperation with Odd Molly since 2013 and helped them develop their digital marketing. The focus has been on paid advertising in several channels, SEO and strategic questions about their web shop. Odd Molly has today dominance on their brand on Google and their web shop revenue has increased seven fold since 2013.

“Odd Molly has had a very strong growth over the last years and Digital Dominance has been a contributing factor with their advertising & SEO-expertise. We also appreciate that they are a more holistic partner and advisors when it comes to strategy.”
– Linn Thor, Head of Marketing & Head of E-Commerce at Odd Molly

Lowered ad spend and increase in revenue

Godsmak has a very successful business model where restaurant cuisine from over 70 kitchens are delivered directly to your office or home.

Even Godsmak is a longterm client to us which we started with in 2013 with focus on paid advertising. We are very proud of that in six months we helped Godsmak lower their Google Ads cost with 32% and at the same time increase transactions through digital advertising with 40%. During this time Godsmal also increased their revenue through this channel by 60%

“With Digital Dominance concept in digital marketing we have a complete new insight of our digital channels and the sales. We have lowered our Google Ads cost and at the same time increased conversions radically. We are now visible in the search results in a very different way than before due to the continuous flow of recommendations from the search engine optimization reports we get. We have prviously worked with another agency but have not regret for one moment that we changed, and can strongly recommend a cooperation with Digital Dominance.”
Tor Nordström, Chairman, Godsmak Sweden


101% increase of sign-ups

Videoburst is a Swedish start-up that developed a unique online till to easily produce and distribute professional video. This content can be used on many different platforms on the internet. Digital Dominance has worked with all different parts of the D-Concept for maximum effect, from driving traffic through paid advertising to the layout of their website and conversion optimization. Already during the pilot project Videoburst saw the effects with an increase of traffic with 60%, a higher conversion rate and more than double the amount of sign-ups!

”Already during the pilotproject of 3 months, Digital Dominance increased the number of sign-ups with 101%”
-John Goliats, CEO

30% growth of revenue every year

Servicia Medical is a reseller and lease defibrillators säljer. At the start of 2005 few people knew that defibrillators could save 3 out of 4 of the 10 0000 people that die every year from acute heart failure every year in Sweden. The problem was to reach more and educate the importance of having a defibrillator.

Together we developed a digital strategy with focus on content marketing and search engine optimization. Since then the company has increased their revenue every year with 30%. 2013 Servicia Medical was awarded the DI Gasell.

“Digital Dominance has helped us at Servicia Medical to become the worlds 2nd largest reseller of Zoll defibrillators in two years.”
Mattias Bodin, VD på Servicia Medical

Five time increase in applications

Froda is one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden for digital company loans. The goal is to simplify the everyday business for small companies, both start-ups and established ones. With company loans based on smart credit evaluations, minimizes administration as much as possible.

Read more about our case here!

”We get suggestions and actions from the Digital Dominance team, that listens to our needs. They are also easy to bounce ideas with”
-Fredrika Bennison, Froda